No “Me Too” in Mizzou

Seahawks wideout Doug Baldwin on winning another Super Bowl:” To the outside world, we have arrived, but to us we’re a long way away from that mountain top called, ” arrival.”

Now to the casual fan, like a DC-10 (tan), that went right over their heads. But to the purist, it speaks directly to what winning a championship – on any level- is all about, and that he (Baldwin) is a by-product of a championship culture. A culture on talked about in Cleveland since forever. At least 1999 anyway.

If the owners of Cleveland’s three major sports’ franchises (Browns, Indians, Cavs) -especially the Browns- spent the same amount of effort into putting a championship product on the field field as they do in selling ” season tickets”, this town would have experienced a “major” championship long before now, instead of being champions in nothing more than hype (LeBron/Manziel) and headlines!!

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told his players at the beginning of their Super Bowl season that every week was championship week, stating week 1 of the pre-season. Which would indicate that there is a mindset that must first be established and shared by everyone in the organization in order to become a champion. Adding names to a roster can make you a “Paper Champion”, but not an actual champion.

Here in Cleveland, all you have to do is win a Heisman or be mentioned – ad nauseam- on Sports Center, and you get not only keys to the city, but a 3 year extension to boot!

I don’t know about you, but this season i’m takin’ my cue from the folks in Mizzou- THE SMALL MARKET CITY THAT DOESN’T HAVE A CASE OF THE ME TOO!!


Whether you’re an average joe or someone from the local media, if you’re one of those people who think that somehow,someway, having a dome put on top Cleveland Browns’ Stadium is a bad thing for taxpayers’,- excuse my french – you’re a damn fool!!
I’m tired of hearing the same ole’ “who’s going to pay for it”, whoa is me,ye’ old taxpayer mantra; A mantra that has beleaguered this proud sports-town for far too long. No matter if you want to hear it or not, folks in this town were up in arms about the definite loss of revenue the city of Cleveland incurred (according to many)due to the “ultimate betrayal” of one said, LeBron James. Being dependent primarily on one player,or person to financially carry a city was, and will always be,– foolish!! Having a dome will attract the kind crowd with the kind of money that would allow the city to generate money in a way that used to be commonplace– by investing in it’s own.It’s unfortunate that I seem to be part of only a handful who feel that when it comes to the subject Cleveland’s Dome, what’s already understood need not be explained. Jerry Jones’ didn’t build ” Jerry’s World ” just for his Cowboys; He built it with intention of using it far more than 10 times a year. An investment you make with your own money looks alot different than one that’s inherited. Gilbert and Haslam’s approach for rebuilding this town and it’s teams’ (Indians are next)is very refreshing to a fan who still remembers Red Right 88.
I say the timing for putting a lid on Cleveland Browns Stadium couldn’t be better.With things like the Medical Mart, Horseshoe Casino,Lakefront Developement, and Convention Center, people coming to Cleveland will be coming for more than just a ” Domed Event”.

Who’s going to foot the bill for a new roof is not the question; How is it a Browns’ team that has been abysmal for more than a decade winds up being worth a billion dollars should be. I’d be far more willing to trust Jimmy and Gilbert with my taxpayer money than I would Russo and Dimora.At the end of the day,it’s not about how much it cost,more importantly, who’s doin the spendin.