NFC Divisional Round: Seahawks vs. Panthers

This is a contest that is no contest at all. I think Cam Newton’s development as a ” Passer” is still in need of much work, and is overshadowed by his unbelievable physical gifts. That’s why I was a little surprised to hear all the national pundits ” OverPraising” the Panthers victory over the Arizona Cardinals in the WildCard round.  If the NFL is truly a Quarterback driven league, how much credit can be given the Panthers when the Cardinals were down to their ” No String”  QB Ryan Lindley? The same Ryan Lindley who was quarterback at San Diego State while in college. To be honest, I didn’t know San Diego State still had a football program, and you didn’t either. Bottom line, the way the Panthers win over the Cards was celebrated was unprofessional and unsportsmanlike to say the least.

The Seattle Seahawks are most definitely on the other end of the spectrum. Wilson is still Wilson, and the Hawks D may not be what it was in terms of the impact of last year’s SB run, but it still has ball-hawking Earl Thomas, ” The Chancellor”, Richard Sherman, and a foundation that allows for all the stars lights to shine, but not so much so that they outshine the team’s!!  Hawks have a chance to go down in the NFL record books should they somehow pull off what is a rare feat and repeat. I say Cam and co. get a huge serving of humble pie. PICK:  Seahawks

NFC Wild Card Round

On the NFC side of thing’s, the bracket is a little less hectic. How many people are expecting the Cowboys to fail? More than what should be the case I bet. The fact that the Boys’ are in it this time of year is remarkable to say the least. There’s some murmurs that the Cards’ Fitzgerald may soon be out in Zona’. that’s too bad, cause he is still a better than, viable option with a decent quarterback. Here’s what’s goin down in the NFC Wild card Round:

Lions @ Cowboys: I like the job Jim Caldwell has done with the Lions this year, but I don’t like the fact he, nor management has done much to get Suh to understand just how detrimental his antics have become. With Megatron Lions have a legit shot, but Cowboys are playin like this is the year that matters more than any other. PICK: Cowboys

Cardinals @ Panthers: Too bad for Arians’ Cardinals that the don’t have a better option at Quarterback. This is the time of year where having one can make all the difference in the world, and I believe the Cards’ will be unfairly bashed as a result should they lose this game at home. Panthers record says they don’t deserve to be here, but Cam says regardless of record, we in!!! And that’s all that matters. PICK: Panthers