NFL14: Week 13 Matchup Predictions

So many games with playoff implications,  so many relevant matchups. And how about the AFC North with every team at 7 wins. Toughest Division in football.  Let’s get right to it.

Chicago Bears (5-6) @ Detroit Lions (7-4)


Philadephia Eagles (8-3) @ Dallas Cowboys (8-3)

Pick the Cowboys to perch themselves atop the Division and solidify themselves as a true Super Bowl contender with a win today for no other reason than its a home game.


Seattle Seahawks (7-4) @ San Fransico 49ers (7-4)

The definitive rivalry of this era, two teams that have a disdain that runs close to personal.  The Seahawks will utilize Mr. Lynch to the fullest and win on the road.


Washington Redskins (3-8) @ Indianapolis Colts (7-4)

Colt McCoy, fearless and underrated, will lead the Redskins to a hard fought and tough loss against the Colts who have better at home then the Redskins on the road


Tennessee Titans (2-9) @ Houston Texans (5-6)

Houston is still alive (barely) in the playoff hunt and they are just now turning it up. Getting to 10-6 is both necessary and possible for the Texans with the Titans this week and two of their remaining six against Jacksonville. Here’s to a softer schedule..


Cleveland Browns (7-4) @ Buffalo Bills (6-5)

One thing about the Browns is they the are no surprise, they do the good things well and the the bad things poorly.  Last week was a case in point, and this week Buffalo will be a stronger test for them, but one they should surpass if they hope to remain in the playoff hunt.


San Diego Chargers (7-4) @ Baltimore Ravens (7-4)

Baltimore plays well at home this year, and Justin Forsett could break 1000 yds this week against a team that gives up about 100 yards per game.  Look for the Ravens to win this one fairly easily


New York Giants (3-8) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (1-10)

Hard to pick games where neither team has anything to play for.  For the Giants, the effort vs Dallas last week is enough to show they have much more left in the tank.


Cincinnati Bengals (7-3-1) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-9)

Look for the Bengals to hold on to the Division lead with a win in the Big Pirate Ship as the Bengals only concern going into this game is making sure they can play within themselves.


Oakland Raiders (1-10) @ St. Louis Rams (4-7)

Hard to pick a game when two teams have only pride to play for.  But the Rams have proven to be better than their record. Expect them to improve


New Orleans Saints (4-7) @ Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4)

The Steelers, fresh off a bye week face a Saints team that has not figured out how to beat this AFC North divison.


Carolina Panthers (3-7-1) @ Minnesota Vikings (4-7)

The Vikings will win this Matchup of teams with only pride to play for.  Minnesota is at home and the Panthers aren’t the best defensive team by any stretch.


Arizona Cardinals (9-2) @ Atlanta Falcons (4-7)

The Cardinals stumbled a bit in a tough played loss last week. Atlanta also had a tough loss but to a arguably weaker Browns team. Cardinals will continue to prove their dominance of the league.


New England Patriots (9-2) @ Green Bay Packers (8-3)

Both teams are riding high but the Packers have a Swiss size hole in run defense that The Patriots look to exploit.


Denver Broncos (8-3) @ Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)

Denver has the Chiefs number, usually. That loss to Oakland is still heavy on their minds, hopefully not too heavy to remember that Peyton Manning does not like thinking under a rush


Miami Dolphins (6-5) @ New Jets (2-9)

Signing Vinny Testeverde is the only hope for the Jets to pull off another Monday Night Miracle. Actually,  this might not be a bad idea for the Jets.


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