NFL 14: Week 5 Matchup Predictions

How I got this far south of the Mendoza line after only 4 weeks of predicting games for the current NFL season is beyond me. With that being said, here are my week 5 matchup predictions.

Vikings @ Packers: Nobody in their right mind would’ve figured Teddy B would look stellar in his debut as a full time starter, regardless the opponent; Vikes have no quit in them, but Pack have Rodgers.  PICK: Packers

Bears @ Panthers:  Cutler should in no way continue to be the enigma he has been after 9 NFL seasons. Without a running game, Panthers are one dimensional, and that is not a recipe for winning in the Not For Long.  PICK:  Pick em

Browns @ Titans: It’s high time Browns give their fans something concrete to go off of. A loss against the lowly Titans, and not only is this season a wash, but talk about next year’s draft should start immediately! – as usual. PICK:  Browns

Rams @ Eagles: It’s quite shocking to see that the Eagles somehow forgot how to run the ball; never thought time of possession would not favor Chip’s high-octane offense. PICK:  Eagles

Falcons @ Giants: Hold the phone there slick Willie! G-Men look as if they are well on course to have righted the ship; Falcons are beset by injury, but they still shouldn’t have lost to Vikes. PICK: Giants

Buccaneers @ Saints: Brees and co. don’t look to be as invincible as we all once thought. Lovie has his young Bucs starting to believe. PICK:  Saints- barely

Texans @ Cowboys: No doubt J.J. Watt is the most disruptive defensive player in the league. Problem is, not even he can continue to cover for Fitzpatrick and Foster. PICK:  Cowboys

Ravens @ Colts:  As good as I believe Luck is, going against the Ravens is the ultimate litmus test for any QB, young or old. PICK: Colts- home cookin is why.

Steelers @ Jaguars: Steelers know just how the Browns feel- they let one get away against Bucs at their building! a rarity by any standard. Bortles will continue to impress. PICK:  Steelers

Bills @ Lions:  Lions are not getting much pub, but they seem to clearly understand what seizing the moment means. bad for the Bills. PICK:  Lions

Cardinals @ Broncos:  Can Cards D stand up to Peyton? If so, they may end up being first home team to represent in the Super Bowl from that city. There’s a first time for everything. PICK:  Broncos

Chiefs @ 49ers: Boy, I’d love to pick Chiefs, but I can’t find one reason to do so. Oh wait, Niners didn’t exactly look polished against Eagles. PICK:  Chiefs

Jets @ Chargers:  Jets are too concerned with who’s fault it is every week, while  Rivers and co. seem to be making a statement-  slow go no mo”!!  PICK:  Chargers

Bengals @ Patriots: Bengals have a chance to say to the Pats’ what Jordan said to Magic and Bird when he first came into the league- move over rover, there’s a new sheriff in town!   PICK: Bengals

Seahawks @ Redskins:  Skins’ drew the short straw.  PICK:  Seahawks

Hopefully this week’s picks will put me back in good standing. Let us know what you think!

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