NFL 14: Week 1 Matchup Predictions

No matter how many “ethical dilemas” the NFL seems to be faced with each week, “American Football” still reigns supreme and has long since surpassed Major League Baseball as America’s favorite past time. That being said, here are The Shop’s week 1 predictions.

Green Bay @ Seattle:  The Hawks have everything they need to repeat;  the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. If there is any QB in the not for long that can beat the 12th man, A Rod is one of em’. PICK: Packers

Browns @ Steelers: With or without a Blount-no pun intended- Steelers are tough to beat at home. Is it high time the Browns beat them? He-to-da Hockeysticks yeah!! Unfortunately, this is a rilvary only in the minds of Cleveland’s faithful. And those who own an XBox or PS4. PICK: Steelers

Vikings @ St.Louis: Not sure how the loss of Bradford will factor in over the season’s duration, but Jeff Fisher strikes me as a guy who can pick up the pieces and keep the train rollin’. Is Norv & All Day enough? PICK: Rams

Buffalo @ Chicago: I feel bad for E.J. Manuel and Sammy Watkins. Not because of what the Bears D will do, but because of what Cutler, Jeffery, and Marshall will. PICK: Bears

Washington @ Houston:  A few years ago this would’ve been worth the price of admission; now, not so much. PICK: Pick em’

Tennesse @ Kansas City: Whisenhunt will have Titans ready to play, but if Alex Smith can’t beat Jake Locker, Andy Reid may end up being the Browns head coach next year. PICK: Chiefs

New Orleans @ Atlanta: “Matty Ice” IS OVERRATED, and Payton/Brees are right at home in any dome. PICK: Saints

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia: Chip Kelley’s offense is dangerous even without D Jack. Jags pull this one out, and folks in Cleveland will be pissed all the way off! PICK: Jaguars

Oakland @ N.Y. Jets: PICK: Jets

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: Bengals have probably a better looking roster, but Ravens have “Uncle Ray” somewhere in the building. Most pundits say Bengals will win the North primarily because of their talent, I say Ravens win the North because… what’s already understood need not be explained. PICK: Ravens

New England @ Miami: There are some who think that this be the year Dolphins pose a real challenge to the Pats for the East; I ain’t one em’. PICK: Patriots

San Francisco @ Dallas: Niners window gets smaller and smaller with each light that goes out. As Romo goes, so go the Boys. PICK: Cowboys

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Cam should be able to pull this one out due to the strong running game Panthers possess. His ability to read defenses is still a question mark, and Tampa looks like they have a gooooood DEFENSE. PICK: Panthers

Indianapolis @ Denver: Peyton in the regular season is not worth mentioning. Luck going a “Mile High” to get a victory is. PICK: Colts

N.Y. Giants @ Detroit: Lions had the NFC North in the palm of their hands, and gave it away. If the pre-season told us anything about the Giants, it’s that they need more pre-season. PICK: Lions

San Diego @ Arizona: Notorious for their slow starts no matter who’s coach, Chargers can’t afford to do that against the Cards. Palmer looked like a bust prior to Arians arrival in the heat. Cardinals want Chargers history to keep repeating itself. PICK: Cardinals


Read em and weep people!!

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