NFL 14: Week 5 Matchup Predictions

How I got this far south of the Mendoza line after only 4 weeks of predicting games for the current NFL season is beyond me. With that being said, here are my week 5 matchup predictions.

Vikings @ Packers: Nobody in their right mind would’ve figured Teddy B would look stellar in his debut as a full time starter, regardless the opponent; Vikes have no quit in them, but Pack have Rodgers.  PICK: Packers

Bears @ Panthers:  Cutler should in no way continue to be the enigma he has been after 9 NFL seasons. Without a running game, Panthers are one dimensional, and that is not a recipe for winning in the Not For Long.  PICK:  Pick em

Browns @ Titans: It’s high time Browns give their fans something concrete to go off of. A loss against the lowly Titans, and not only is this season a wash, but talk about next year’s draft should start immediately! – as usual. PICK:  Browns

Rams @ Eagles: It’s quite shocking to see that the Eagles somehow forgot how to run the ball; never thought time of possession would not favor Chip’s high-octane offense. PICK:  Eagles

Falcons @ Giants: Hold the phone there slick Willie! G-Men look as if they are well on course to have righted the ship; Falcons are beset by injury, but they still shouldn’t have lost to Vikes. PICK: Giants

Buccaneers @ Saints: Brees and co. don’t look to be as invincible as we all once thought. Lovie has his young Bucs starting to believe. PICK:  Saints- barely

Texans @ Cowboys: No doubt J.J. Watt is the most disruptive defensive player in the league. Problem is, not even he can continue to cover for Fitzpatrick and Foster. PICK:  Cowboys

Ravens @ Colts:  As good as I believe Luck is, going against the Ravens is the ultimate litmus test for any QB, young or old. PICK: Colts- home cookin is why.

Steelers @ Jaguars: Steelers know just how the Browns feel- they let one get away against Bucs at their building! a rarity by any standard. Bortles will continue to impress. PICK:  Steelers

Bills @ Lions:  Lions are not getting much pub, but they seem to clearly understand what seizing the moment means. bad for the Bills. PICK:  Lions

Cardinals @ Broncos:  Can Cards D stand up to Peyton? If so, they may end up being first home team to represent in the Super Bowl from that city. There’s a first time for everything. PICK:  Broncos

Chiefs @ 49ers: Boy, I’d love to pick Chiefs, but I can’t find one reason to do so. Oh wait, Niners didn’t exactly look polished against Eagles. PICK:  Chiefs

Jets @ Chargers:  Jets are too concerned with who’s fault it is every week, while  Rivers and co. seem to be making a statement-  slow go no mo”!!  PICK:  Chargers

Bengals @ Patriots: Bengals have a chance to say to the Pats’ what Jordan said to Magic and Bird when he first came into the league- move over rover, there’s a new sheriff in town!   PICK: Bengals

Seahawks @ Redskins:  Skins’ drew the short straw.  PICK:  Seahawks

Hopefully this week’s picks will put me back in good standing. Let us know what you think!

NFL 14: Week 4 Matchup Predictions

Week to week, the NFL never fails to impress when it comes to the wild and crazy. From blowouts to “no way they should’ve won”, it never gets old. Only one thing is for certain every week; the Browns will always find a way to lose the game by way of the self-inflicted wound.  Here are my week 4 predictions:

Giants @ Redskins: Kirk Cousins is making the seat cushion underneath RGIII  a lot more uncomfortable with each passing performance. Eli Manning seems to have found whatever was missing, and this is a division game. PICK: Pick em’

Packers @ Bears: What is wrong with Mr. “Discount Double Check?”  Rodgers, nor the Pack as a whole are looking like the Pack of 2010; could this be the end? I hope not. All of a sudden the Bears potent offense (on paper) looks like more than the Pack can handle. PICK: Bears

Bills @ Texans: Without Arian Foster, Texans have limited options on offense, thus making them an underdog to even the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian league. Bills have the advantage by default. PICK: Bills

Titans @ Colts: The question here is, who gets first pick in next year’s draft, Browns or Titans? Andrew and his stable of horses are startin’ to come around. PICK:  Colts

Panthers @ Ravens: Panthers may look the part, but they smell of “overrated; Ravens are slowly but surely gathering steam. And they’re at home. Next to the Seahawks, this may be the toughest team to beat at home. PICK: Ravens

Lions @ Jets: Both these two are still somewhat enigmas’ in my book.  Well coached, but hard to pin-point from week to week.  PICK:  Pick em’

Buccaneers @ Steelers:  Bucs are just god awful. Steelers know how to win.  PICK:  Steelers

Dolphins @ Raiders:  Although Raiders played the mighty Patriots pretty tough,  Phins identity is starting to come to fruition. PICK:  Dolphins

Jaguars @ Chargers: Bortles will impress, but Rivers says enough with this “slow start” mess. PICK:  Chargers

Eagles @ 49ers: Eagles don’t look as strong as I initially thought, and 49ers window may be closing. PICK : 49ers

Falcons @ Vikings:  Falcons offense – without question –  is high powered championship material; the defense is still a question. For the Vikings, this season can’t be over fast enough.  PICK:  Falcons

Saints @ Cowboys: Who’s defense can stop who?  neither.  This one will come down to which team has the ball last. PICK: Saints

Patriots @ Chiefs: No doubt Brady and Bill are joined at the hip, but disjointed is what best describes these Patriots early in the season. For Andy Reid, it’s find a fix…  or be fired!  PICK:  Patriots

Bye Week: Cardinals, Bengals, Browns, Broncos, Seahawks, Rams.

As always, let us know what your picks are!

NFL 14: Week 3 Matchup Predictions

As I said in the not to distant past,  when it comes to predicting the outcome of an NFL game, expect the unexpected. How else do you explain the Browns victory over the Saints? An experience not seen in this town since 2004; a win in the home opener that is. That being said, here are my picks for week 3:

Buccaneers @ Falcons: Lovie is good for the Bucs’, but still many pieces need before fruition takes place. Matty Ice has a new weapon in Devin Hester, and at home is the best place to show it off. PICK:  Falcons

Chargers @ Bills:  Prior to this season, I would’ve looked at this game and told you the Bills have no chance. Sittin’ at 2-0 in the ” Patriot East”,  I tell you the Bills’ will see your chance, and raise you another. PICK: Bills

Cowboys @ Rams: Boys’ seemed to have righted the ship, but let me point out that it was against the Titans. Rams are in for a tough season without a viable option at QB. PICK: Cowboys

Redskins @ Eagles: Cousins’ may be serviceable for the time being, but Eagles will be a disservice to many teams this season, including the Skins, division game or otherwise. PICK: Eagles

Texans @ Giants: Can the G-Men win at home? Will they win at all this season?  Not if J.J. Watt has anything to say about it. PICK: Texans

Vikings @ Saints:  Vikings can’t afford to play this one without AP; Saints won’t lose at home after losing to Browns. PICK: Saints

Titans @ Bengals: Titans are a headscratcher and Bengals are scratchin’ folks out the picture already. With, or without  A.J. Green. PICK: Bengals

Ravens @ Browns: I still think Ravens will win the North, but Browns showed a moxy in beating Saints not seen in this town since the days of Bernie Kosar. That alone is good enough to garner my vote this week. PICK:  Browns

Packers @ Lions:  Lions couldn’t win the North when it was handed on a silver platter, and they won’t beat the Packers when it counts ever; sorry Mr.Caldwell.  PICK: Packers

Colts @ Jaguars:  Man, oh man, was I wrong about the Jags; until they put in Bortles anyway. Andrew doesn’t need any luck to beat these guys. PICK:  Colts

Raiders @ Patriots:  Silver and Black are a far cry from what they used to be under Al Davis. Patriots won’t get caught napping in this one. PICK:  Patriots

49ers @ Cardinals:  Carson Palmer has to suit up in this one for the Cards to even have a chance. Niners will still have the taste of the 17-point comeback by the Bears in their mouth. PICK: 49ers

Broncos @ Seahawks: Peyton’s regular season performances outweigh his post-season performances, which makes absolutely no sense. The Hawks have what it takes to beat him; if not, the 12th Man sure as he#$ does!!  PICK: Seahawks

Chiefs @ Dolphins:  Niles Davis (Chiefs) is a beast filling in for Charles. Is he and Alex Smith enough to beat the Phins down in the Sunshine state? Not sure. PICK: Pick em’

Steelers @ Panthers: Steelers physical style of football seems to have taken it’s toll…ON THE STEELERS!  Panthers like playing smash mouth too. PICK:  Panthers

Bears @ Jets:  Jets let one get away against the Pack, and Bears took one away from the Niners. Whoever has the advantage in takeaways takes this one. PICK: Pick em’

I’m not even sure I should be doing this anymore. If somebody out there is using my picks to make their own, I apologize for not winning you any money. If your’s are any better, please let us know.

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NFL 14: Week 2 Matchup Predictions

Boy oh boy, week 1 of the 2014 NFL season -as usual- did not disappoint. Nobody in their right mind would’ve thought the Dolphins could beat the Patriots no matter how improved the Phins’ are. Or, the Bills to beat Chicago, in Chicago!!  So, I make my matchup predictions this week, keeping in mind to expect the unexpected.

Steelers @ Ravens: Without going on some long drawn out rant about the Ray Rice fiasco, Imake this pick strictly based on football. Steelers barely got by the Browns (surprisingly), and Ravens uncharacteristically couldn’t finish the deal after getting the lead against the Bengals. PICK: Ravens

Dolphins @ Bills: Both of these squads have put the league on notice that they’re tired of being everybody else’s fodder. That’s why this game is a: PICK EM’

Jaguars @ Redskins: I have the Jags as one of my sleepers, and they did exactly that after getting a lead against the dynamic Eagles-fell asleep! Skins’ fared no better scoring only 6-pts against the Texans. Not sure if I should pick a winner, or see who gets first pick in next year’s draft. PICK: Redskins

Cowboys @ Titans: Romo and co. looked downright abysmal against Niners; PICK: Titans

Cardinals @ Giants: No way the Giants are 14-pts bad. On the other hand, Cards have to be better than 18! PICK: Cardinals

Patriots @ Vikings: Pats’ still have the aura and mystique, but like the NFL shield, it’s starting to show severe cracks. Vikings look solid. PICK: Vikings

Saints @ Browns: Although most fans’ in Cleveland feel think there is reason for hope after the second half showing against the Burg, I say Saints are more than pissed at how they lost to the Falcons. PICK: Saints

Falcons @ Bengals: Falcons offense is better than decent; Defense is not. Bengals D will do what Saints couldn’t, and the offense is more than what Falcons D can handle. PICK: Bengals

Lions @ Panthers: Lions played against the Giants with the mindset that they won’t give away the North this time. Panthers better hurry up and get Cam back. PICK: Lions

Rams @ Buccaneers: Rams are hurting without a legit starting QB; Bucs will win this one with their D. PICK: Buccaneers

Seahawks @ Chargers: Hawks can beat anybody anywhere, anytime. Chargers slow start this season will be due to what opponents are doing to them, not what the usually do to themselves. PICK: Sehawks

Texans @ Raiders: Even without Clowney, Texans are more than Raiders can handle. PICK: Texans

Jets @ Packers: Jets are pretty well coached all around under Ryan, but the Pack wants some get back after what happend in Seattle. PICK: Packers

Chiefs @ Broncos: Chiefs won’t have enough left in the tank after making the “Mile High” climb. Peyton may end up not even playing the second half. PICK: Broncos

Bears @ 49ers: What the Niners did to the Cowboys was downright disrespectful; can’t say the boys didn’t deserve it. Cutler trys to often to make THE PLAY, instead of THE RIGHT PLAY, which ends being to the detriment of the Bears offense. PICK: 49ers

Eagles @ Colts: I like the Colts, but not in this one. Eagles haven’t reached their full potential. PICK: Eagles


Those are my week 2 picks… Name yours.


NFL 14: Week 1 Matchup Predictions

No matter how many “ethical dilemas” the NFL seems to be faced with each week, “American Football” still reigns supreme and has long since surpassed Major League Baseball as America’s favorite past time. That being said, here are The Shop’s week 1 predictions.

Green Bay @ Seattle:  The Hawks have everything they need to repeat;  the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. If there is any QB in the not for long that can beat the 12th man, A Rod is one of em’. PICK: Packers

Browns @ Steelers: With or without a Blount-no pun intended- Steelers are tough to beat at home. Is it high time the Browns beat them? He-to-da Hockeysticks yeah!! Unfortunately, this is a rilvary only in the minds of Cleveland’s faithful. And those who own an XBox or PS4. PICK: Steelers

Vikings @ St.Louis: Not sure how the loss of Bradford will factor in over the season’s duration, but Jeff Fisher strikes me as a guy who can pick up the pieces and keep the train rollin’. Is Norv & All Day enough? PICK: Rams

Buffalo @ Chicago: I feel bad for E.J. Manuel and Sammy Watkins. Not because of what the Bears D will do, but because of what Cutler, Jeffery, and Marshall will. PICK: Bears

Washington @ Houston:  A few years ago this would’ve been worth the price of admission; now, not so much. PICK: Pick em’

Tennesse @ Kansas City: Whisenhunt will have Titans ready to play, but if Alex Smith can’t beat Jake Locker, Andy Reid may end up being the Browns head coach next year. PICK: Chiefs

New Orleans @ Atlanta: “Matty Ice” IS OVERRATED, and Payton/Brees are right at home in any dome. PICK: Saints

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia: Chip Kelley’s offense is dangerous even without D Jack. Jags pull this one out, and folks in Cleveland will be pissed all the way off! PICK: Jaguars

Oakland @ N.Y. Jets: PICK: Jets

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: Bengals have probably a better looking roster, but Ravens have “Uncle Ray” somewhere in the building. Most pundits say Bengals will win the North primarily because of their talent, I say Ravens win the North because… what’s already understood need not be explained. PICK: Ravens

New England @ Miami: There are some who think that this be the year Dolphins pose a real challenge to the Pats for the East; I ain’t one em’. PICK: Patriots

San Francisco @ Dallas: Niners window gets smaller and smaller with each light that goes out. As Romo goes, so go the Boys. PICK: Cowboys

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Cam should be able to pull this one out due to the strong running game Panthers possess. His ability to read defenses is still a question mark, and Tampa looks like they have a gooooood DEFENSE. PICK: Panthers

Indianapolis @ Denver: Peyton in the regular season is not worth mentioning. Luck going a “Mile High” to get a victory is. PICK: Colts

N.Y. Giants @ Detroit: Lions had the NFC North in the palm of their hands, and gave it away. If the pre-season told us anything about the Giants, it’s that they need more pre-season. PICK: Lions

San Diego @ Arizona: Notorious for their slow starts no matter who’s coach, Chargers can’t afford to do that against the Cards. Palmer looked like a bust prior to Arians arrival in the heat. Cardinals want Chargers history to keep repeating itself. PICK: Cardinals


Read em and weep people!!

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NFL 2014 Teams to watch: NFC

Now that we’ve told you who to watch for from the AFC side of thing’s, let us take a look at the NFC’s representatives.

Packers: Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers are joined at the hip like nobody’s business. The Pack’s infrastructure is built from adamantium, and is usually the case with the “always mentioned” squads in the NFL who just seem to get it right year in and year out. These cats’ don’t rebuild, they reload!! If you’ve got your money on this bunch to be the NFC rep in this year’s Super Bowl, I’d say that ‘s about as safe a bet as you can make.

Eagles: I know D Jack is no longer in the mix, but that won’t slow down Chip and co. not one bit. As it stands, I seem to have been DEAD WRONG about Chip and his brand of offense. This guy has already shown that he understands how to use, and get most out of whoever is on the roster; something the Browns – 15 yrs and counting- have yet to figure out. His offensive philosophy can be downright scary at times. Again, D Jack is a big loss, but I believe Chip will find a way to compensate for the loss.

Saints: There seems to be a common thread amongst teams that figure to consistently be in the mix. A good head coach (Payton), and a franchise QB (Brees), and what you get is a greater than 75% chance your team will be in post season conversation each and every go round. Nothing says that more than how the Saints fared during the 1- year suspension of Payton; Brees, and the rest of Benson’s Saints had an ok year, but not like the Super Bowl year when Payton was on the sidelines. As long as those two (Payton/Brees) are together, Saints are a playoff foregone conclusion.

Seahawks: We all know the Russell Wilson story by now. It’s a high crime that “Wilson Mania” falls far below “Manznia”, and Wilson has down far more in the way of production on the field as Manziel has in filming TV commercials; blame it on the basanova. This squad was a Marshawn Lynch fumble (on the 2-yd line) in 2012 against the Falcons from going to the Bowl that year. As long as the mantra in Hawks camp- “every week is championship week!”- remains the same, I see know reason why they shouldn’t repeat.

Cowboys: The boys’ have an absolute dawg in Dez Braynt; the question is, can Romo finally get over the regular season phenom, playoff putrid player he is now known for? I could give a crap less about QBR and any other stat people use to try and justify a players performance. What Romo lacks is unquantifiable. There is enough talent on this squad to make some noise, but it all starts with Tony.


Rams: I’m not so sure I clearly understand all the concern surrounding the loss of Bradford. He was slightly above average in my estimation, and not nearly worth the 13-16 million he is supposed to make next season. That doesn’t mean Shaun Hill will thrill, but Jeff Fisher is solid enough as an NFL head coach that I think the Rams will figure it out. Bradford going down does not hurt this squad like it would the Browns were Bradford in Cleveland. Because of Fisher, Rams will be a tough out for just about any team this season.

Cardinals: Arians, “Honey Badger”, Palmer, Peterson, and Fitzgerald. If the Cards are going to make any noise this season it’ll be up to these five to anchor a playoff push this season. I think it can be done, simply because Arians’ will give the oppositions DB’s a severe workout night in and night out, and a healthy Peterson/Honey Badger combo will make it a whole lot less stressful on the Cards’ pass rush. Not to mention Fitzgerald came very close to an 1,000 yrd season (952) in 2013 playing with what seemed like a myriad of qb’s.

Vikings: All Day Peterson should flourish under Norv Turner, who I think was prematurely ousted in Cleveland. If Vikes could get to a Wild Card (2012) against the Pack on “ALL DAYS”  back, with Norv, they may just win a round this time.

Bears: Their version of ” The Big 3″ with Jeffery, Cutler, and Marshall, poses an offensive explosion that could be downright offensive once the lights come on. The question is, can the D bring something to the party? Anything? If so, Houston, the entire NFL will have a problem.

Well, that’ll do it for my teams to watch in 2014. As always, let us know what you think at:

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