NBA 2K13 In Season Review: Houston Rockets

Houston, we have a problem… the Rockets’ delegitimize themselves by not being able to keep opponents from scoring at a torrid pace, giving up an average 103.4 per/g; which explains why they’re next to last (29th of 30) in points allowed. Because they score just as many as they give up (106.4 per/g), and are 2nd best in the league in doing so, the Rockets’ are able to maintain a decent 31-26 won-loss record. To bad the playoffs are not a halfcourt game; the Rockets’ would run everybody right out of the gym!!! More so than the Spurs’, watching Harden & co. run their offense is a thing of beauty. I’d rather shave hair off the backside of an angry lion than watch them play defense. It’s that bad.

Adding Thomas Robinson and Francisco Garcia should help. How soon that help arrives is the question Rocket fans can’t wait to get an answer to. Robinson is the main piece in GM Daryl Morey’s latest deadline deal that should prove to be his biggest yet. Robinson looked at times out of place in Sacramento because of all the nonsense surrounding the “ALOOF” brothers and the logjam at forward. Being drafted by the Kings was a waste of his time. How can a player even scratch the surface of his potential when thrown into chaos and confusion right from the start? Kevin McHale will no doubt find a much more determined role for Robinson who should benefit immensely.

Harden has proved that being a starter is not at all a burden, and there is still time for OKC to regret ever having let him go. His ability to put the ball in the basket with little or no effort is equal to only Tony Parker of the Spurs’. However, defense is a big problem. Harden clearly sets the tone on offense, he also should set the tone on defense as well if the Rockets’ are to have any chance of avoiding a first round exit come playoff time.

Jeremy Lin is an “up and down” type of player who doesn’t seem to play without the ball as well as he does with the ball. The Rockets’ run pick & roll with Lin and Harden pretty effectively, but it’s not a recipe you can rely on in the playoffs. Once again, the theme here is that interior play determines if and how far you advance in the playoffs. Especially with the Rockets’ not being a very good rebounding team. How long can shooting 49% from 3 help you maintain sustainability? Chandler Parson’s injury only makes the situation worse.

The Rockets’ are a perimeter oriented team that can score in bunches with the best of em’, but their losses will start to mount if the interior play is not addressed immediately. I think McHale knows the Lakers’ smell blood in the water; they better hope Robinson is the lifeboat.

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