NBA 2K13 In Season Review: San Antonio Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs are what I like to call authentic. Where they rank in statistical categories is not even worth the mention, because it really doesn’t matter if they’re at the top, middle, or bottom, the playoffs always seem to be a foregone conclusion. The Spurs are one of two teams'(Grizzlies are the other) whose style of play could survive the removal of the 3-point line. Know why? They play from the inside out; Which of course is a key ingredient to 4 NBA Titles.

The other key ingredients are none other than Greg Popovich, Tim(The Big Fundamental) Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, and a host of players who not only understand their roles, but relish in the idea of being role players minus the ego. A rarity in today’s NBA and just about any other professional sport. Unlike the more talked about NBA teams, if you get a chance to “witness” the Spurs in person or on t.v. leave your popcorn at home and instead bring a pen and pad- school is in session!

Playing in his 16th NBA season at the ripe old age of 36, Tim Duncan is a class act who unfortunately, doesn’t get the SportCenter credit that he rightfully deserves. Can you believe this dude is puttin’ up 17pts per? That’s insane for a guy (according to some) who should’ve been put out to pasture eons ago. Talk about durability. Along with Parker and Ginobili (if healthy), the Spurs core is a formidable one no matter how fast the other team is. Throw in a bench comprised of blue collar construction types in Splitter, Jackson, Blair, Leonard, Green, Neal, and Diaw, you have the makings of what a legit NBA title contender should look like.

Just as important as personnel is coaching. Who is better than G Pop in the game today? Pop has a system that won’t wow you with the flashy, but will bore you with the fundamental. Matter fact, Pop’s style is so boring 8 out of the 12 players’ on his roster shoot better than 80% from the free-throw line, and no player- except Parker (19.7)- averages more than 20 pts/g!! Every player makes his minutes count.

When it comes down to the San Antonio Spurs’, what’s already understood really need not be explained.

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