The Misery- Tality of Cleveland Sports’

I’ve been a Cleveland sports fan for practically my entire life. In all those years’ of fandom and blind loyalty I could never have forseen a time when I would be embarrassed to make such a claim.Not because our teams’ are, and have been abysmal, but because of the fickel (Cleveland) fan and the “Lovable Loser” mentality that -in my estimation- has more to do with the culture of losing than the mis-management from those who reside in the front office.

Do the Dolan’s, Shapiro, Shurmur,Holmgrem,Chris Grant, and Byron Scott deserve their fair share of blame from the Cleveland fan and media alike? Of course. But who’s to blame for the Browns’ being worth a billion-dollars after more than a decade of horrible football!?

For example, in the “tip off” section of the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s sports page (11/11/12), the columnist who writes the section is sounding off on the firing of former Lakers’ head coach Mike Brown. This columnist claims to understand that firing Brown was necessary due to the Lakers’ poor start to the 2012-2013 NBA season. 0-8 in the pre-season, 1-4 (at the time this blog was intially supposed to written) to start the regular season, yet the columnist felt that Brown deserved more time to see if his putrid Princeton offense was right for a Laker team that was missing two of it’s key off -season acquisitons in Dwight Howard and Steve Nash due to injuries. It doesn’t take a rocket scientst to realize that even with a healthy Nash and Howard, Mike Brown still needed to be fired. Only in Cleveland is it a question whether or not “Pat Brown”, or “Mike Shurmur” should be fired. The Princeton offense is designed for teams’ who don’t have the athleticism of a Howard, or the shooting ability of a Nash. Mike Brown got Mike Brown fired – not Nash and Howard’s nagging injuries.

Last but not least, the columnist finishes the short passage by saying, ” I wish Mike Brown were still here.” Why!? So the Cavs’ could try and surpass being one of only three teams in NBA history to win 66+ games (72-73 Celtics,06-07 Mavs) in a season and not win the title!!? I’m sorry, but that’s absurd. A friend once asked me, ” what do you do on Monday’s after a Browns’ loss? My reply was practical; ” When I was 10, crying was the order of the day; now that I’m in my forties, I get up and feed my kids!!!!!! It’s time for Cleveland to accept some accountability in this ongoing sports’ misery. Who do you think Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam is going to listen to? A fan base that would gladly accept LeBron back, or the group of investors’ who helped pay for this mess? For the columnist to say, ” I wish Mike Brown were still here” tells me that mediocre is okay if you’re a nice, or locker-room guy. Games are not won in the locker-room. Mediocrity should be unacceptable regardless the size of the market your team plays in. Thus, the Misery-Tality of what is Cleveland Sports’ continues…

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