Ticket Request Denied

I am amazed that Browns’ fans’ haven’t realized by now that unlike the regimes’ in years past -since 99′ anyway- Holmgren&Heckert will not be bullied by them nor the media (especially Cleveland’s)into making the popular choice.Holmgren said give him three full drafts when he first walked through the doors out in Berea and I aim to do just that. As a matter of fact, Holmgren told the Cleveland media in a press conference after this past season not to ask for playoff tickets when(not if)they get this abysmal franchise turned around.

For the first time since 99′ the Browns’ have in Holmgren & Heckert a GM and President who truly understand that no matter how dynamic a player is, or his draft position, any player can be hit or miss.Therefore,minimizing that risk is the number one priority no matter what the people think. As much as I would have really enjoyed seeing RGIII in a Browns’ uniform,I’m okay with the Browns’ choosing not to give up “foundation blocks” in order to get him.

Former Browns’tightend and Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome is a perfect example of why success can still be attained without “mortgaging” for one guy.Haloti Ngata,Chris McAlister,Terelle Suggs,Ed Reed,Jamal Lewis,Todd Heap,Michael Oher,Ray Lewis,Ben Grubbs,Joe Flacco,and Jimmy Smith were all impact players’ who were drafted;Jamal was the only one of that group selected as high as fifth.And not in any case did Ozzie have to trade 3 or 4 for one!! Heckert got 5-for-1 in last year’s draft with Phil Taylor being the headliner.Would it have made any good Grandma’s worth of sense to turn around and give up 3-for-1 this year? Who’s doin the pickin’ and spendin’ is far more important than how many picks,or how much money there is to spend. Yes, McCoy’s arm is weak;So is his supporting cast relative to the other 31 q.b.’s who had at least one skill player that d-coord’s made sure they knew where that guy was at all times.Don’t expect a master carpenter to build you a mansion when all you gave him was a shovel….. Cleveland.Holmgren&Heckert are now doin’ the fleecin’,when for as far back as I can remember we were the one’s geting fleeced.

The same Cleveland fans’ who were in an uproar when the Browns’ didn’t give up what the Redskins did to get RGIII, are the same fans’ who complained when Mike Brown decided to sit LeBron the last few games of the 2010 NBA season after winning 61 games!! “Fence Straddling” can cause severe bodily harm.Ya’ll better not ask for playoff tickets!!!

Next Time: Only Phil Jackson can coach the Knicks

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