Selling? I’m Not Buying.

Four years ago in the wake of  an only himself to blame and total disregard for life dog fighting scandal, Michael Vick’s endorsement deal with Nike was unceremoniously “executed” along with his fast rising NFL career. Now, four years later all seems to have been forgiven. How sanctimonious of Nike. Look, America is allegedly the land of second chances, but Nike should have given Vick the second chance at the same time the Eagles signed him to their roster before the start of the 2010 season; or at least after Vick received the one year 16-million dollar franchise tag. If  Nike was (is) truly sincere about once again making Vick their pitch-man, it should have coincided with his contract. Period. Don’t wait until he’s satisfactorily jumped through enough ” hypocritical hoops” before you decide it’s okay to get back on board.

If you’re reading this and thinking I’m nit-picking because he got his money, or he’s back on the map, that’s not the case. I just wanted to point out that before anyone starts talking about handing Nike some sort of good samaritan award, check their resume. Re-signing Vick had very little to do with the support they’re giving him for the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field, and everything to do with the bottom line: The Almighty Dollar. Nike saw that the Vick meter was on the rise and they wanted in. If they were truly concerned about his post-prison well being, why not give him the chance when no one else would? The Eagles did. I take it as a personal affront as a sports fan’ when the conglomerates of the world try to insult my intelligence by hidng behind the guise of righteousness and what’s good to propegate their true agendas. I can smell flowery rhetoric a mile away. Mike Vick, this swoosh is for you.

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