Championship before LeBron? Not with Irving and Thompson.

After watching the Cleveland Cavaliers select Kyrie Irving (Duke), Tristan Thomas (Texas), and Milan Macvan (who cares), I’m convinced now more than ever that this team will not contend anytime soon. As usual, the so called “braintrust” has failed to realize that  you must change the culture in order to legitimately contend for a championship. Cavs GM Chris Grant says that both Irving and Thompson have the integrity, character, and make-up that fits what we want our young men to have on this team. Isn’t that the same ” Idiotology” that has plagued this team for years? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for high standards, morals, and good character, but that didn’t stop the Lakers’ from going after Ron Artest. The Bulls’ from going after Dennis Rodman. The Spurs’ from going after Steven Jackson. My point is, who on the Cavs current roster (including the current picks) has that nastiness that is required to win a Chip? No one. To make matters worse,  they still need wing players!!    They have a log-jam at the guard position.  Gibson, Davis, Sessions, and now Irving. Who is the shooting guard?  Surely the Cavs’ don’t think that  Irving’s 17.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 4.3 assists in only 11 games played at Duke is going  to invoke comparisons to Rondo, Rose, or Barea. Irving simply doesn’t score enough nor distribute the rock enough for me to believe he was worthy of a number 1 pick.  How many  power-forwards does it take to  screw up an NBA roster/ organization?  J.J Hickson, Tristan Thompson, Samardo Samuels, Milan MacVan, Antwan Jamison, and Luke Harangody. That’s how many.  The Cavs’ also completely neglected to address the small-forward position. A position that must be filled in the draft when you have the number 1 and 4 picks; Joey Graham, ” Kangaroo” Eyenga, and Alonzo Gee don’t worry the oposition playing at the 3.  If  Byron Scott is to point guards what Mike Holmgren is to quarterbacks,  why not take Brandon Knight from Kentucky and address the 3-spot with Williams from Arizona?  The knock on Williams is that he is a “tweener” (whatever that means) and the Cavs’ weren’t sure where to play him. If that’s the case, then take Enes Canter, a true center who can not only play with his back to the basket using either shoulder, but blocks shots as well. That’s what the experts say anyway. All in all I’m very disappointed  with the Cavs’ draft picks this year. I believe pedigree should be taken into account prior to making a selection,and I can’t recall the last time a Duke point guard’s success at the collegiate level translated well to the NBA level; especially after said player only played in 11 games. If the Cavs’ just had to have a player from Duke, why not take Nolan Smith? At least I saw enough of him. Danny Ferry, Tragic Langdon, Diop, Jon Morton, Randolph Keyes, Chris Mims, Vitaly Potapenko, Bobby Sura, and Donyell Marshall were not all necessarily Duke players’, but were all said to be ” high character”,  “high integrity” guys who just never seemed to ever finish first. Feeling pressure from the public, the Cavs’  made the popular choice; not  the choice of champions. Mr. Gilbert, I hope I’m wrong, but from where I sit  the Cavs’ won’t win a championship before LeBron. Cause the more thing’s change, the more they stay the same.

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